Strike and Family Crossword

Strike’s family relationships haven’t featured much in the Galbraith books, but they have been mentioned from time to time – can you recall any of the references?


  1. How many times has Jonny Rokeby been married?
    A: THREE Reveal Answer
  2. What does Strike’s half sister Daniella design?
    A: JEWELLERY Reveal Answer
  3. What is the name of Rokeby’s band?
    A: THEDEADBEATS Reveal Answer
  4. What animal is on the birthday card Rokeby sends Strike?
    A: BLOODHOUND Reveal Answer
  5. What sort of therapist is Strike’s halfsister, Prudence?
    A: JUNGIAN Reveal Answer
  6. In what country did Strike’s halfbrother Al go to school with the children of other celebrities?
    A: SWITZERLAND Reveal Answer
  7. What is the name of Strike’s niece, Pru’s daughter?
    A: SYLVIE Reveal Answer
  8. How many known children does Jonny Rokeby have?
    A: SEVEN Reveal Answer
  9. Where is the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Deadbeats held?
    A: SPENCERHOUSE Reveal Answer
  10. What restaurant do Al and Strike visit during the investigation into the death of Owen Quine?
    A: THERIVERCAFE Reveal Answer
  11. Where does Rokeby’s third wife, film producer Jenny Graham, come from?
    A: AUSTRALIA Reveal Answer
  12. Which of Strike’s halfbrothers is pursuing a music career?
    A: EDDIE Reveal Answer
  13. What is the name of Strike’s TV presenter halfsister?
    A: GABRIELLA Reveal Answer
  14. How old was Cormoran when he met Rokeby for the second time?
    A: EIGHTEEN Reveal Answer
  15. Where did Rokeby meet Shirley Mullens his first wife and mother of his oldest daughter, Maimie?
    A: ARTSCHOOL Reveal Answer