The Running Grave (Part 1) Crossword

It will still be fresh in your memory, so these questions focused on the 1st half of the latest Strike novel should be a breeze. Part 2 to follow next month.


  1. What UK city do subcontractor Midge and client Sir Colin Endensor both come from?
    A: MANCHESTER Reveal Answer
  2. The full name of the UHC which Sir Colin wants Robin and Strike to investigate is The United ………… Church.
    A: HUMANITARIAN Reveal Answer
  3. What rival firm, who bungled Endensor’s earlier investigations into the UHC, did subcontractor Dev Shah use to work for? …………, Inc
    A: PATTERSON Reveal Answer
  4. What name does Robin take to visit the UHC undercover?
    A: ROWENAELLIS Reveal Answer
  5. What university did Will Endensor drop out of to join the UHC?
    A: DURHAM Reveal Answer
  6. What is the name of the American billionaire Strike’s exfiancée Charlotte Ross has been seeing?
    A: LANDONDORMER Reveal Answer
  7. Where does Prudence DonLeavy, Strike’s halfsister, live?
    A: STRAWBERRYHILL Reveal Answer
  8. What is the surname of chainsmoking gruff voiced office manager, Pat?
    A: CHAUNCEY Reveal Answer
  9. What affectionate nickname do the UHC use for their founder, Jonathan Wace?
    A: PAPAJ Reveal Answer
  10. Where in London does UHC principal Andy Zhou have a clinic?
    A: BELGRAVIA Reveal Answer
  11. Chapman Farm, birthplace of the UHC, used to be known as The Aylmerton …………
    A: COMMUNITY Reveal Answer