Tom Burke discusses Cormoran Strike

Posted on 29 May 2024


In the beginning of The Cuckoo’s Calling, Strike is somewhat in debt. He doesn’t have that many clients. He’s working as a private detective which he has been for some time. The first person who walks into his office, other than Robin, who has turned up to Temp which he thinks he’s cancelled but there’s been miscommunication, is a guy offering quite a bit of money for a case which has already been ‘open and shut’ by the police. He’s really not sure whether he should take it on board but he’s kind of persuaded to by this character, John Bristo, who seems pretty desperate for peace of mind. It’s quite late into the first episode that he realises there is something going on, or there is something that has been papered over, not looked at properly. It’s a very high-profile case that the person who died was a supermodel and is believed it to be suicide, John believes it might not be and Strike comes to agree with him. And so it sort of projects Strike and Robin from this really rather shabby neglected office into this rather kind of pristine, bright world of fashion, a little too bright and quite toxic world as well.