Uplifting Moments Crossword

Answer the clues to complete the crossword.


  1. Max ……………… – A flatmate and friend of Robin’s
    A: Priestwood Reveal Answer
  2. First name of Margot Bamborough’s daughter who hires Strike and Robin
    A: Anna Reveal Answer
  3. First name of police woman who becomes Robin’s friend
    A: Vanessa Reveal Answer
  4. Name of Jonny Rokeby’s lawyer who Robin cheerfully dismisses at the end of The Cuckoo’s Calling
    A: Gillespie Reveal Answer
  5. Item of jewellery retrieved for Margot Bamborough’s daughter
    A: Locket Reveal Answer
  6. Strike’s happy place – his ‘local’ in St Mawes
    A: Victory Inn Reveal Answer
  7. First name of Robin’s beloved mother
    A: Linda Reveal Answer
  8. Robin’s favourite subject at University, that’s become invaluable in her work with Strike
    A: Psychology Reveal Answer
  9. Client who turns her bigamy case into a busy media career
    A: Mrs Tufty Reveal Answer
  10. Dog who shares the flat with Max and Robin
    A: Wolfgang Reveal Answer
  11. Daughter of Owen Quine who draws a robin for Robin
    A: Orlando Reveal Answer
  12. Present Strike gets for Robin on her thirtieth birthday
    A: Perfume Reveal Answer
  13. Semiprecious stone on the pendant Robin receives from her parents
    A: Opal Reveal Answer
  14. The drink that Robin and Strike enjoy at The Ritz after solving the mystery of Margot Bamborough’s daughter
    A: Champagne Reveal Answer
  15. Address where Robin finds Strike’s offices and her vocation
    A: Denmark Street Reveal Answer