Robin Ellacott

Robin Venetia Ellacott is about as good a person as you could ever hope to meet. But Robin, born in 1984, has encountered some of the worst things that life can throw at you. How she has responded to those events has determined the shaping of her character, and from the moment she gets posted to Strike’s agency as a temp, the challenges to her qualities and insecurities begin.

Family and Personal Life

Robin’s family life couldn’t be more different to Strike’s. Brought up by loving, stable parents, and with strong relationships with each of her 3 brothers, Robin started seeing her straight-laced and ambitious boyfriend Matthew, whilst at secondary school. Where Matthew is conformist, Robin is non-judgmental, welcomes all opinions, and is vehemently independent, which can sometimes cause friction with Matthew.

Robin Ellacott's family
Robin Ellacott's career


Robin has always been fascinated by detective and investigative work, knowing that she wants to pursue a career in this field one day. After dropping out of her psychology course at university, it isn’t until she gets the temp job at Strike’s agency that she finally has the ability to turn her dreams into reality – much to the annoyance of boyfriend Matthew. Strike notices her natural flair and enthusiasm for detective work, and Robin soon plays a vital role in helping to solve many of the agency’s cases.

Holliday Grainger talks Robin

Holliday talks about Robin’s characteristics.

Cormoran Strike headshot

Cormoran Strike

Born in 1974 in Cornwall, everything in Cormoran Strike’s life has led to him being the incredible Private Investigator that he becomes. After a wildly unconventional upbringing, and a successful career in the army, he amasses the skills he needs to identify and understand the nuances of people, vital for detective work, and opens his own agency in London.