Matthew Crossword

How much can you remember about Matthew’s life?


  1. Matthew’s profession
    A: ACCOUNTANT Reveal Answer
  2. University Matthew attended with Sarah Shadlock
    A: BATH Reveal Answer
  3. Who drives Strike from London to Yorkshire to attend Robin’s wedding?
    A: SHANKER Reveal Answer
  4. Which of Robin’s brothers punches Matthew on their wedding day?
    A: MARTIN Reveal Answer
  5. Name of the girlfriend Strike brings to Matthew and Robin’s housewarming
    A: LORELEI Reveal Answer
  6. Matthew’s surname
    A: CUNLIFFE Reveal Answer
  7. The article of jewellery Sarah leaves at Robin’s house, revealing her affair with Matthew
    A: EARRING Reveal Answer
  8. Location of Matthew and Robin’s honeymoon
    A: MALDIVES Reveal Answer
  9. Area of London where Matthew and Robin live until she leaves him after discovering his affair
    A: DEPTFORD Reveal Answer
  10. Statue in Piccadilly Circus under which Matthew proposed to Robin the night before her first day at Strike’s Agency
    A: EROS Reveal Answer
  11. Blue precious stone in Robin’s engagement ring
    A: SAPPHIRE Reveal Answer
  12. Name of Sarah’s fiancé
    A: TOM Reveal Answer
  13. Local in the town of Masham where Robin and Matthew celebrated their A Levels
    A: THEBAYHORSE Reveal Answer