Strike’s Military Crossword

This is one for serious Strike fans – themed around Strike’s time in the military police.


  1. Colour of the caps worn by Strike and his colleagues in the SIB.
    A: Red Reveal Answer
  2. City in Iraq where Major Chiswell was killed in action.
    A: Basra Reveal Answer
  3. University at which Cormoran was studying before he joined the army.
    A: Oxford Reveal Answer
  4. Strike’s nickname used by his former colleague Graham Hardacre.
    A: Oggy Reveal Answer
  5. Sport at which Strike excelled during his army career.
    A: Boxing Reveal Answer
  6. First name of Strike’s favourite nephew who is fascinated by Cormoran’s time in the army.
    A: Jack Reveal Answer
  7. Eastern Mediterranean island where Strike was sent to investigate a rape and ended up investigating a drugs ring.
    A: Cyprus Reveal Answer
  8. UK forces name for the type of All Terrain Vehicle in which Cormoran was travelling when a bomb blast cost him part of his leg.
    A: Viking Reveal Answer
  9. First name of the man Strike once investigated for rape, who reappears in Career of Evil.
    A: Donald Reveal Answer
  10. Surname of Richard the former soldier, now a detective with the Met, whose life Strike saved in the blast in Afghanistan.
    A: Anstis Reveal Answer
  11. First name of Strike’s uncle whose service in the Royal Military Police inspires Cormoran to join the Army.
    A: Ted Reveal Answer
  12. Name of Strike’s antimilitary mother.
    A: Leda Reveal Answer
  13. First name of Major Chiswell whose death in action Cormoran investigated during his time with SIB.
    A: Freddie Reveal Answer
  14. Special ... Branch. Detective branch of the Royal Military Police where Strike learned his trade.
    A: Investigation Reveal Answer
  15. ... Barclay. First name of the man who Strike once investigated, and later hires to work for him and Robin in Lethal White.
    A: Sam Reveal Answer