The Ink Black Heart Crossword

This crossword should be a breeze if you’ve just finished reading the book. Answer the clues to complete the crossword.


  1. Online name of Edie Ledwell’s tormentor.
    A: Anomie Reveal Answer
  2. Aristocratic title to which Charlotte’s estranged husband, Jago, is heir.
    A: Viscount Reveal Answer
  3. Name the Mancunian new hire at the agency wishes to be known by.
    A: Midge Reveal Answer
  4. Name of the cemetery which inspired the cartoon The Ink Black Heart.
    A: Highgate Reveal Answer
  5. What does Madeline, who meets Strike on New Years’ Eve, design?
    A: Jewellery Reveal Answer
  6. What winter sport was Robin enjoying when she met her persistent suitor, Hugh Jacks?
    A: Skiing Reveal Answer
  7. Art collective where Edie and Josh lived and created The Ink Black Heart.
    A: NorthGrove Reveal Answer
  8. Robin’s alterego used in previous investigations with blonde hair and pale grey eyes.
    A: VenetiaHall Reveal Answer
  9. Poem written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning from which fourteen chapter epigraphs are drawn.
    A: AuroraLeigh Reveal Answer
  10. Type of cake baked by Pat which Strike praises.
    A: Fruit Reveal Answer
  11. Creation of Anomie and Morehouse and centre of activity for fans of The Ink Black Heart, named after one of their characters …………’s Game
    A: Drek Reveal Answer
  12. Video sharing site where the first episodes of The Ink Black Heart were uploaded before the move to Netflix.
    A: YouTube Reveal Answer