Bumper Holiday Fun

How well do you know Robin, Strike and the details of their investigations? What level are you at with your knowledge of the Strike and Robin novels? Are you a temp? Or a seasoned private investigator? All answers are discoverable on the site, but some will take a bit of work to track down.

Office Temp


  1. Name Strike’s rockstar father
    A: JONNYROKEBY Reveal Answer
  2. In which Yorkshire village was Robin Ellacott brought up?
    A: MASHAM Reveal Answer
  3. What subject Robin studied at university before she was forced to drop out?
    A: PSYCHOLOGY Reveal Answer
  4. Under which famous statue in Piccadilly Circus did Matthew propose to Robin?
    A: EROS Reveal Answer
  5. What is Strike’s Favourite beer?
    A: DOOMBAR Reveal Answer
  6. What colour is the dress Strike buys for Robin at the end of their first investigation?
    A: GREEN Reveal Answer
  7. In which country did Strike lose part of his leg in an IED attack?
    A: AFGHANISTAN Reveal Answer
  8. What is the first name of Strike’s exfiancée?
    A: CHARLOTTE Reveal Answer
  9. In which county did Strike grow up with his Aunt, Uncle and sister Lucy?
    A: CORNWALL Reveal Answer
  10. What’s the location of Strike’s detective agency near Tottenham Court Road? ………… Street
    A: DENMARK Reveal Answer