Bumper Holiday Fun

How well do you know Robin, Strike and the details of their investigations? What level are you at with your knowledge of the Strike and Robin novels? Are you a temp? Or a seasoned private investigator? All answers are discoverable on the site, but some will take a bit of work to track down.

Rookie Investigator

Office Temp

Rookie Investigator

Agency Partner


  1. At which university did Strike study and meet his exfiancée before leaving to join the military?
    A: OXFORD Reveal Answer
  2. What is the first name of Owen Quine’s daughter, with whom Robin forms an important connection?
    A: ORLANDO Reveal Answer
  3. Where is the inspirational London Cemetery where artist Edie Ledwell is discovered?
    A: HIGHGATE Reveal Answer
  4. What name does Robin use while working at a Wiccan’s jewellery shop, Triquetra, in Camden?
    A: BOBBICUNLIFFE Reveal Answer
  5. Who does Strike’s former fiancée marry shortly after her final split from Strike?
    A: JAGOROSS Reveal Answer
  6. In which area of south London do Robin and Matthew live after their marriage?
    A: DEPTFORD Reveal Answer
  7. What is the online pseudonym of Edie Ledwell’s tormentor?
    A: ANOMIE Reveal Answer
  8. Which singer’s Live Concert DVD No Visitors After Midnight does Robin give Strike during the investigations into the disappearance of Margot Bamborough?
    A: TOMWAITS Reveal Answer
  9. What present does Strike try and fail to buy for Robin while coming down with the flu?
    A: PERFUME Reveal Answer
  10. By what name does Strike mistakenly call Robin on her first day?
    A: SANDRA Reveal Answer