Bumper Holiday Fun

How well do you know Robin, Strike and the details of their investigations? What level are you at with your knowledge of the Strike and Robin novels? Are you a temp? Or a seasoned private investigator? All answers are discoverable on the site, but some will take a bit of work to track down.

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  1. What is the make of Graham Hardacre’s car which makes for an uncomfortable drive from Edinburgh to Melrose for Strike?
    A: MINI Reveal Answer
  2. In the home of Daniel Chard during their investigations into the gruesome murder of Owen Quine, Robin and Strike notice a statue in white marble of a partially dismembered …………
    A: ANGEL Reveal Answer
  3. At what exclusive club in Berkley Square does Strike meet Madeline as the investigations into Edie’s stalker begin?
    A: ANNABELS Reveal Answer
  4. At what 17th century pub does Strike meet Nina during the search for Owen Quine? Ye Olde ………… …………
    A: CHESHIRECHEESE Reveal Answer
  5. Name of the favourite donkey Robin used to ride on the beach in Skegness?
    A: NODDY Reveal Answer
  6. Second name of the lawyer hassling Strike for a loan repayment during the investigations into the death of model Lula Landry
    A: GILLESPIE Reveal Answer
  7. Name of the exMet officer hired as a contractor who Pat decides could give Imran Kahn a run for his money in terms of looks. The Ink Black Heart
    A: DEVSHAH Reveal Answer
  8. At what hotel does Strike get Robin a hotel room after her first serious break with Matthew?
    A: HAZLITTS Reveal Answer
  9. At what hotel do Robin and Matthew spend their first anniversary? Le Manoir aux Quat’ …………
    A: SAISONS Reveal Answer
  10. Matthew and Robin’s choice of song for the first dance at their wedding Lethal White is the 2001 smash hit by The Calling is called ………… You Will Go
    A: WHEREVER Reveal Answer