Locations Crossword

The questions cover key locations from all 5 Strike books – how much can you remember?


  1. Which famous Spa town is located several miles away from Masham?
    A: Harrogate Reveal Answer
  2. Which street is home to Strike’s office ?
    A: Denmark Reveal Answer
  3. What was the name of the ‘Gardens’ where Lula Landry lived?
    A: Kentigern Reveal Answer
  4. Where did Strike spend half of his childhood, with his Uncle Ted and Aunt Joan?
    A: StMawes Reveal Answer
  5. On what street in Soho is Hazlitt’s, a hotel that Robin stays at, in career of Evil?
    A: Frith Reveal Answer
  6. Which street do Robin and Matthew move to in Lethal White?
    A: Albury Reveal Answer
  7. In which market does Robin work undercover, as Bobbi?
    A: Camden Reveal Answer
  8. In what part of London is the ‘Physic Garden’?
    A: Chelsea Reveal Answer
  9. The dramatic finale in Lethal White takes place at ‘Little’ what?
    A: Venice Reveal Answer
  10. The shortened name of the fancy hotel where Robin and Matthew spend their 1st anniversary?
    A: LeManoir Reveal Answer
  11. At what ‘Palace’ does Robin go undercover in Lethal White?
    A: Westminster Reveal Answer
  12. Where is the White Horse featured in Lethal White?
    A: Uffington Reveal Answer
  13. What is the area where Jasper Chiswell’s house on Ebury Street is located?
    A: Belgravia Reveal Answer
  14. To which Psychiatric hospital was Dennis Creed admitted
    A: Broadmoor Reveal Answer
  15. From which area of London did Margot Bamborough disappear?
    A: Clerkenwell Reveal Answer
  16. On which London thoroughfare does Fortnum and Mason sit?
    A: Piccadilly Reveal Answer