Troubled Blood Crossword

Some answers are easier than others in this brand new Troubled Blood word challenge, so you may want to read the book again!


  1. Robin’s flatmate?
    A: Max Reveal Answer
  2. The store Strike visits to buy Robin’s Christmas present
    A: Liberty Reveal Answer
  3. Whose concert DVD did Robin buy Strike for Christmas?
    A: TomWaits Reveal Answer
  4. Strike’s oldest friend from Cornwall is Dave ...
    A: Polworth Reveal Answer
  5. By his own admission, Strike’s favourite nephew?
    A: Jack Reveal Answer
  6. The name of Strike’s half sister?
    A: LucyFantoni Reveal Answer
  7. The area of London where Margot Bamborough went missing?
    A: Clerkenwell Reveal Answer
  8. The Joni Mitchell album released in 1971
    A: Blue Reveal Answer
  9. Nationality of Joni Mitchell?
    A: Canadian Reveal Answer
  10. The cover of the book features the astrological clock at which London Palace?
    A: HamptonCourt Reveal Answer
  11. British seaside town where Strike and Robin visit suspect Steve Douthwaite
    A: Skegness Reveal Answer
  12. Which museum does Strike take his favourite nephew to?
    A: ImperialWar Reveal Answer
  13. The last person to see Margot Bamborough alive?
    A: GloriaConti Reveal Answer
  14. Deborah Athorn’s son
    A: Samhain Reveal Answer
  15. The month in 1974 that Margot disappeared
    A: October Reveal Answer
  16. The name of the street in Soho that houses Bar Italia
    A: Frith Reveal Answer
  17. Nick Herbert’s wife
    A: Ilsa Reveal Answer
  18. How many signs of the Zodiac are there?
    A: Twelve Reveal Answer