Bumper holiday crossword

Can you answer all the clues correctly, and work out the secret Galbraith phrase, linked to some exciting news coming this Autumn?


  1. The King’s Arms where Matthew, Robin’s partner, and Strike meet for the first time serves what sort of food?
    A: THAI Reveal Answer
  2. In which cemetery is Edie Ledwell murdered?
    A: HIGHGATE Reveal Answer
  3. What item of jewellery does Robin find in her home which confirms Matthew is having an affair?
    A: EARRING Reveal Answer
  4. What is the name of the Ellacott family beloved Labrador?
    A: ROWNTREE Reveal Answer
  5. The white horse carved into the hillside near the Chiswell family home is known as The ... White Horse?
    A: UFFINGTON Reveal Answer
  6. In which chilly month does Leonora Quine arrive at Strike’s office asking for help finding her husband, Owen?
    A: NOVEMBER Reveal Answer
  7. Which streaming service shows The Ink Black Heart Cartoon after its move from YouTube?
    A: NETFLIX Reveal Answer
  8. The museum where Strike takes his favourite nephew, Jack, during the investigations into the Chiswell family Lethal White is The ... War Museum
    A: IMPERIAL Reveal Answer
  9. The Sunday tabloid which publishes pictures of Evan Duffield visiting Lula Landry’s adoptive mother is called The ... of the World?
    A: NEWS Reveal Answer
  10. Which famous painter of horses’s work features in Lethal White? ... Stubbs
    A: GEORGE Reveal Answer
  11. Paperwhite, the character in the Ink Black Heart, beloved by Harty is a ...?
    A: GHOST Reveal Answer
  12. What is the second name of Strike’s rockstar father?
    A: ROKEBY Reveal Answer
  13. What is Strike’s favourite football team and his uncle Ted’s?
    A: ARSENAL Reveal Answer
  14. The cover name Robin uses when pretending to be a lawyer in Barrow in Furness is ... Hall?
    A: VENETIA Reveal Answer
  15. What is the first name of the exprofessional violinist Strike is seeing during the investigation into the Shacklewell Ripper?
    A: ELIN Reveal Answer